Al’s Cleaning Service has an 8-step process in office chair cleaning that we consider the best available today.

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown:

  1. We check that the chair is NOT dry-clean only [or require other cleaning processes that we do not provide]
  2. We thoroughly vacuum out all the dust, dirt, sand and food particles from the fabric, stitches and crevasses
  3. We then spray the fabric and armrests with an antibacterial/anti-viral/anti-fungal solution and allow it to “set” for 10 minutes. This kills a host of bacteria, viruses and fungus that can remain active (even in fabric) and spread disease.
  4. We then use very hot water with a powerful sanitizing, stain-removing solution and spray it into the fabric
  5. We then use a nylon brush to "work" the solution into the fabric to break up grime and stains
  6. We then allow a solid 10-minute period for the sanitizing, stain-removing chemicals to do their work
  7. We then spray on a ph neutralizing solution (to neutralize all the soap residue from the fabric)
  8. We then use our commercial extractor to remove all solutions, dirt, grime and stains with it

And we perform this service on-site, during weekend hours, allowing plenty of time for drying

This way, when the staff returns, all chairs are dry, returned to their original spots and best of all, clean. We look forward to providing the finest in office chair cleaning for your establishment!