10 Questions To Ask Your Janitorial and Cleaning Service Company

  1. Are they insured?
    • Al's Cleaning Service is fully insured for everyone's protection.
  2. How many years have they been in business?
    • Al's Cleaning Service has been providing the finest in cleaning service since 1984.
  3. Are they locally owned and operated?
    • Al's cleaning service has been family owned and operated since 1984.
  4. Are they competitively priced?
    • Al's Cleaning Service knows that for THEIR business to succeed, YOUR business must succeed. That's why they strive to keep your janitorial and cleaning costs at a minimum.
  5. Do they offer a non-binding agreement?
    • Al's Cleaning Service provides a full, written guarantee of satisfaction.
    • Should either party be dissatisfied for any reason, service can be discontinued, no questions asked.
  6. Do they have reliable references?
    • Check out Al's Cleaning Service's website for a sampling of their many references!
  7. Do they have powerful carpet cleaning equipment?
    • Al's Cleaning Service has several machines. They use a portable yet extremely powerful machine for locations that demand portability.
    • They also have an extremely powerful truck mounted Bane-Clene unit.
  8. Do they also provide other floor care besides carpet cleaning?
    • Al's Cleaning Service provides complete floor stripping and waxing as well as carpet care.
  9. Do they have flexible and adjustable schedules?
    • Al's Cleaning Service is able to change schedules 'on the fly'.
    • YOUR Company's Schedule and needs are what Al's Cleaning Service works around.
  10. Do they have a pleasant and attentive office personnel?
    • Al's Cleaning Service goes 'above and beyond the call' with their friendly, helpful service!

Ask Al's Cleaning Service